"Passion for the Climb" — it's what exemplifies the spirit of Colgate people. As the Colgate song "In 1819" reminds us, our community pushes ever higher, "up the hill with profound determination."

Colgate people share a thirst for a life of accomplishment and the will to do things right. In academic, professional, community, and personal endeavors, they relish the effort, the process, the journey, and care deeply about how they lead their lives, as much as they care about reaching the top.

As part of the university's Passion for the Climb campaign, we solicited personal essays that show the countless ways in which the "passion for the climb" manifests itself in our alumni, faculty, staff, and students. You can read all the essays that we published since the campaign’s launch in 2007 here.

Thank you to all who submitted an essay!

A circle of healing by Lee McConaughy Woodruff 82
A Patriot's Travelogue by Jim Carrier 84

Answering the call by Rev. Abby A. Henrich ’98

As good as gold by Kathryn (Kate) Bertine ’97
Algae love by Tara Meyer 07
Did you feel that? by Lauren Mangione 08
Dinner and a movie (and so much more) by Chuck Fox 70
Dragonfly safari by Amanda Mitchell 08

Driving toward hope by Kristin (McCarthy) Macchi 08

Eyes opened by Natalie Breitbach 07
Finding meaning in Blagoveshchensk by Lara Hueth Cilwik 00 
From West to East by Ernie Bower ’86
I remember by Frank Frey
Improbable Politician: A Wyoming Story by Gary Trauner 80

Letters from helenka by Jennifer Brice
Memory of a lullaby by Kate Gallagher 03

My boogie stop shuffle by Michael Coyle
My sketchbook by Antonio Barrera
Not if, but how by Lisa Bernier Dubreuil 89
Not My Last Apologia for Poetry by Jasmine Bailey ’05

Nothing human is foreign to me by Jake Kleinman 07

On Insomnia ... the Good Kind by Reid Blackman

On serendipity and science by Tony Aveni
Prairie identity by Dustin Gillanders 08
Reevaluating "women's work" by Dan Carsen 93
Stepping into another's shoes by Aisha Lubega 08

The greatest piece of your heart is the piece you give away by Taylor Buonocore 08
The profound grace of deep time by Paul Pinet
The strength of faith by Henoch Derbew 07
Twitch by Lucas Meeker 07