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Marriages & Unions:

(2008 unless otherwise noted)

Rocky Willard ’65 and Tanis Bond, Oct. 17

David Bea ’91 and Jennifer Wright (Occidental), Sept. 15, 2007

Douglas Barnes ’93 and Katrina Robson (Univ. of CA, Santa Barbara), June 28

Thorne Perkin ’97 and Tatiana Papanicolaou (Harvard), Oct. 4

Beth Vuolo ’98 and Matt Gousman (Univ. of CA, Berkeley), Aug. 23

Erin Chapman ’99 and David Cho (Harvard), May 31

Katherine Forsdick ’99 and Michael Venier (Hobart), Sept. 6

Meredith Rutherford ’99 and Michael Chavel, June 28

Jennifer Bombard ’00 and Benjamin McGovern (Duke), Aug. 16

Jessica Giannetti ’00 and Christopher Kelley (Marist), Aug. 30

Samantha Safran ’00 and Sacha Bodner, Aug. 24

Elise Sweet ’00 and Michael Brady, Aug. 22

Amanda Countner ’01 and Sam Brown (Harvard), Oct. 4

Kellie Gale ’01 and Steve Staples, Aug. 23

Katie McAuliff ’01 and David Bochenek (Notre Dame), July 5

Elizabeth Austin ’02 and Christopher Flatley, June 7

Kyle Donahoe ’02 and Julie Beresny ’02, Aug. 9

Abbe Fischman ’02 and Alexander Hocherman, Aug. 9

Benjamin Maisel ’02 and Susan Rosenthal ’02, Aug. 9

Alexander Nagy ’02 and Carolyn Bedrosian ’02, Oct. 4

Nathan Plotkin ’02 and Eileen Kisilis ’04, Aug. 31

Noah Schwarz ’02 and Mary Trainor (NYU & Boston U.), Sept. 6

R. Elizabeth “Betsy” Yates ’02 and Brian Long (Penn State), June 21

Natasha Berardi ’03 and Thomas Alfsen (Lehigh), Sept. 20

Lauren Gary ’03 and Josh Neaman (DePaul), May 10

Scott Herbst ’03 and Suzi Raftery (Marist), Sept. 13

Jason Pollack ’03 and Laurie Brown (Brown), Aug. 23

Justin Ward ’03 and Elizabeth Gallagher (Holy Cross), Aug. 9

Mark Rentschler ’04 and Lindsay Fleece ’05, June 28

Births & Adoptions:
(2008 unless otherwise noted)

To Michael Ferraro ’76 and Venus: Chloe, April 11, joining Betty Jean

To Christopher Jobson ’78 and Beth Skudder: Eliza Rose, May 2, joining Maisey and Ned

To Jeff McMorris ’84 and James Lawless: Sept. 29 adoption of Christopher, 5, Cody, 4, and Corey, 3

To Marius and Jennifer Christie ’86 Gudelis: Anna Kate, Dec. 16, 2007, joining Lukas and Sarah

To Brian Fennell ’88 and Fiona: Aibhe, July 30, joining Daire

To Andrew Balmuth ’89 and Akemi: Hanna Ohira, July 8

To Keith Saunders ’90 and Lorna Rivera: Kobi Blue, April 25

To Patrick and Lorena Conlin ’91 Hoopes: Holden Robert, Jan. 24

To Kristin Hondros ’92 and Bill Fick: Josephine Astrid, July 29, 2007

To Jim and Margaret-Ann Leavitt ’92 Burness: Jennie Brenton Shaw, June 5

To Gregory Miller ’92 and Lainie: Erica Reese, Aug. 30, joining Whitney

To Jim Raebiger ’92 and Kirsten Johnson: William Dean, Aug. 2, joining Julianne

To Craig de Blois ’93 and Christine: Kylie, June 23, joining Emma and Bobby

To Chris Olivier ’93 and Catherine: Morgan Francis, Oct. 1, joining Charlie 

To Guy and Kerstan Lincoln ’93 Ruffer: Gabriel Joseph, Aug. 15, joining Gail and Abby

To George and Kathy Brady ’94 Lathrop: twins Thomas George and Mary Kathryn, Aug. 13, joining Caroline, Sam, and Elizabeth

To Joseph Pacella ’94 and Aileen: Sophia, Jan. 25, joining Timothy and Matthew

To Shane ’95 and Becky McCaw ’95 LeGette: Holden C McCaw, July 26

To Christopher ’95 and Heather Hornik ’96 Luth: Sadie Grace, July 3, joining Justine

To David Nekoukar ’95 and Deena: Arlo, July 21, joining Ezra

To Hilary Poticha ’95 and Robert Kurinsky: Olivia, June 2, joining Lily

To Tyler Smith ’95 and Lori: Sidney Jane, Feb. 28, joining Harper

To Molly Benson ’96 and Michael Clontz: Ella Grace, Aug. 27

To Thomas ‘Toby’ Bozzuto Jr ’96 and Robin: Thomas, July 17, joining Sofia and Annabella

To Peter ’96 and Jennifer Thomas ’96 Friedman: Tess Harper, Sept. 27, joining Laura and Zach

To Matthew Paul ’96 and Allison Russell ’96 Weder: Easton Russell, Sept. 20, 2007, joining Abigayle

To Charles and Tamara Hochman ’97 Beamon: Allison, Jan. 7, joining Alexander

To Graham and Karen Lyski ’97 Beatty: Emma Eloise, June 20, joining Jackson

To Michael and Malvika Malhotra ’97 Paddock: Rowan Satya, Aug. 20, joining Naveen

To Adam Sofran ’97 and Annie: Tobias ‘Toby’ Joseph, Jan. 2, joining Bennett

To Jay ’98 and Danielle Rodriguez ’98 Afragola: Avery Grace, Sept. 21

To Michael Donlin ’98 and Nicole: William Michael ‘Will,’ Sept. 4, joining Jack

To Jesse ’98 and Jamie Rubino ’00 Moore: Wesley Richard, May 25

To Timothy Glotch ’99 and Deanne Rogers: Charlotte Jean, Aug. 24

To Timothy and Julia Milona ’99 Halewicz: Athena Johanna, Feb. 11

To Dan and Katrin Peterson ’99 Moffroid: Amelia Maren, Sept. 7

To Omar and Melanie Pogue ’99 Phillips: Claire Patricia, April 24, joining Preston

To Christopher and Emily Beatty ’00 Monaco: Luke Peter, Sept. 23

To Yariv ’01 and Beth Wood ’00 Amir: Morgan Benham, Sept. 30

To Francesco and Emily Marcario ’02 Malagisi: Maxwell Gerardo, Aug. 4, joining Ava   

In Memoriam
The Scene runs deceased notices on all alumni, current and former faculty members, honorary degree recipients, and staff members and others whom the editors determine would be well known to alumni. The Scene welcomes letters in tribute to those who have passed.

John E. Griffin ’34, August 10, 2008. Boxing. US Army. MA, Columbia University, 1943. He was a science teacher and coach at Highland Falls High School and then Uniondale High School in New York until his retirement. He was predeceased by his wife, Catherine, and son John P. ’62. He is survived by a son, 3 grandchildren, and a nephew.

Lawrence E. Clapp ’36, October 13, 2008. Chorus. US Army, WWII. MA, University of Rochester, 1951. Prior to retirement, he was an accountant for Allegheny Ludlum Corp. and the NY State Education Department. He is survived by his wife of 66 years, Eleanor, a son and daughter-in-law, a daughter and son-in-law, a sister, and 5 grandchildren.

William F. Kopp ’36, March 9, 2008. Phi Beta Kappa, cross country, chorus. US Navy, 1943-1945. MA, SUNY Albany, 1954. A retired educator, he had taught high school, was a professor of industrial education, and finally, professor emeritus at SUNY Oswego. He is survived by his wife, LeMoyne, 2 daughters, and a son.

H. Wilbur Campbell ’37, March 5, 2008. Marching band. He was the president of Campbell Building Co. Inc before retiring in 1967. He was survived by his wife, Judy, and 2 sons including Barry ’64.

Raymond A. Barkhuff Jr. ’40, August 13, 2008. Soccer. MS, PhD, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute; JD, Western New England School of Law, 1977. He was a research chemist and group leader with Monsanto Chemical Co. in Springfield, MA, and was awarded 16 patents during his 34 years with the company. He then opened a private law practice, which he ran for 18 years before retiring in 1996. He was predeceased by his father, Raymond ’14. He is survived by his wife, Mary, a daughter, 3 sons including James ’71, a sister, 8 grandchildren including Gretchen ’99, and a niece and a nephew.

Thom R. Greene ’41, September 3, 2008. Sigma Chi, student government, basketball. MS, PhD, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, 1949; MS, ScD, Carnegie Mellon University, 1951. During WWII he worked for Sperry Rand Corp., where he helped develop anti-aircraft defense systems for the US government. Afterward he taught mathematics at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. He then launched a 35-year career with General Electric Corp., where his accomplishments included helping design the first rocket program for the agency that later became NASA; developing acoustic and defense systems for submarines; and assisting GE’s Knolls Atomic Power Lab create simulated nuclear power plants used by the US Navy as training facilities. He is survived by his wife, Jane, a daughter, a son, a grandson, cousins, and nieces and nephews.

Miller F. Moran ’41, September 21, 2008. Phi Delta Theta, hockey, squash, international relations club, marching band. US Army Air Corps, WWII. Albany Law School: LLB, 1946; JD, 1948. Practicing law for many years until retiring in the early 1980s, he was the attorney for the villages of Deferiet and Carthage as well as the town of Wilna in New York State. He is survived by his wife, Eleanor, a daughter, 3 grandchildren, and 5 great-grandchildren.

Robert M. Brandt ’43, September 27, 2008. Phi Kappa Tau, Phi Beta Kappa, Delta Sigman Rho, Phi Tau, Konosioni, Austen Colgate Scholar, debate club, student government, international relations club, cross country. LLB, Yale University, 1944. An attorney, he had his own practice. He was predeceased by his wife, Beatrice. He is survived by 2 daughters and a son.

Charles E. Hillyer ’44, September 11, 2008. Phi Kappa Tau, swimming, tennis. US Navy, Korean War. DDS, University of Pennsylvania Dental School. He practiced dentistry for 40 years in New York City. He is survived by his wife, Ann, 2 sons, 2 daughters, 4 grandchildren, a great-grandson, brother Kenneth ’49, cousin Roger ’56, and niece Alexandra ’07.

Harlow Voller ’45, September 12, 2008. Phi Delta Theta, Banter, Salmagundi, football, outing club. US Air Force, WWII. He was an insurance executive and part owner of Brotherhood & Higley Insurance Inc. for 30 years in New Canaan, CT, until his retirement in 1984. He is survived by his wife of 55 years, Mary Louise, 2 sons, and 2 granddaughters.

Richard F. Kreter ’46, August 16, 2008. Delta Upsilon, baseball, football. US Marine Corps, WWII. He was an executive for Seneca Textiles in New York and was well known for his work with several major department stores. He was predeceased by his wife, Florence. He is survived by his brother, 2 daughters, 2 sons, and 6 grandchildren.

David MacTavish Loovis ’47, August 28, 2008. Pi Delta Epsilon, Banter, Zymurgist Writers Club, Christian Association, debate team. US Navy. His first writing job was as a reporter for the New York Daily Item. Thereafter, he traveled Europe, establishing lasting relationships with Tennessee Williams and Gore Vidal, who encouraged his writing. He dedicated his first novel, Try for Elegance, to Vidal, who contributed the flap copy. After a variety of jobs, including advertising copywriter at J. Walter Thompson and almoner of St. George’s Society of New York, he moved to Key West. There, he was inspired to write his second novel, in which Tennessee Williams appeared as a character. An advocate for gay rights, he wrote 2 books about homosexuality in the ’70s. He also wrote articles for national magazines and newspapers. 

James M. Ault ’49, September 21, 2008. Phi Beta Kappa, Commons Club, student government. US Army, WWII. Union Theological Seminary: BD, 1952; DD, 1964. In his early career he was a pastor in the Methodist church in New Jersey and Massachusetts. In 1961 he returned to Union Theological Seminary to become dean of students, director of field education, and professor of practical theology. In 1968 he was called to be dean of the theological school at Drew University. In 1972 he was elected bishop of the United Methodist Church and served for 16 years. Between 1980-1984 he was secretary of the Council of Bishops, and in 1986-1987 served as its president. From 1984-1988 he was president of the United Methodists’ General Board for Global Ministries. He was awarded honorary degrees from a number of universities. He is survived by his wife, Dorothy, a son, 2 daughters, 4 grandchildren, his brother, and many nieces and nephews.

Harry W. O’Neill ’50, September 12, 2008. Chi Omega Rho, Commons Club, Maroon News, lacrosse. US Air Force. MS, Pennsylvania State University, 1951. A practicing psychologist, he spent 25 years at Opinion Research Corporation before retiring as vice chairman. He then joined Roper Public Affairs and Media as vice chairman in 1988 and retired in 2005. He also was a coadjutant faculty member at Rutgers University. His research focused on politics, public policy issues, corporate communications, and litigation studies. He was involved in public opinion research for numerous political campaigns, including several presidential campaigns, and directed the polling for the White House during the Nixon administration. He is survived by his wife, Carmel, a son, a daughter, a granddaughter, a brother, and nieces and nephews.

Ralph A. Harper ’51, October 4, 2008. Phi Gamma Delta, basketball. US Air Force, Korean War. LLB, Georgia State University, 1954. In 1957 he joined the Vinson & Elkins law firm, where he headed the banking section for 20 years, was a senior partner, and was a member of the executive committee. He also was general counsel for the Gemini Seven astronaut group, providing legal advice for the astronauts; and he was president of the American Ostrich Association as well as its lawyer. He is survived by his wife, Sandra, a daughter, a son, and 2 brothers including Jack ’57.

Walter J. Kuno ’51, August 1, 2008. Phi Gamma Delta, baseball. US Navy. A retired regional sales manager, he spent many years working at Lehigh Portland Cement Co. in Allentown, Pa. He is survived by 3 sons and their families.

Thomas J. Scully ’54, September 16, 2008. Sigma Nu, Mu Pi Delta, Chi Pi Mu, Colgate Thirteen, Konosioni, Salmagundi, Newman Club. US Air Force. MD, Albany Medical College, 1958. He was the former dean and professor emeritus of pediatrics at the University of Nevada. He also served as chairman of the Governor’s Maternal & Child Health Advisory Board and helped establish the Washoe County Sexual Assault Investigation Team. Often an expert witness in abuse cases, he conducted numerous seminars on child abuse and care of disabled children. He was appointed by 4 governors during a 16-year period to the State Board of Medical Examiners. On the National Board of Medical Examiners, he was instrumental in the development of the new US Medical Licensing Examination. He was predeceased by his brother and a son. He is survived by his wife of 52 years, Celia, 3 sons, a daughter, 7 grandchildren, 2 brothers, 3 sisters, and many nieces, nephews, and cousins.

Harlow S. Snell ’57, August 28, 2008. Tau Kappa Epsilon, golf. US Navy. During his 37-year career with JC Penney Company, he worked in New York City, Los Angeles, and Hong Kong. He is survived by his wife of 50 years, Brenda, a daughter, a son and daughter-in-law, and a granddaughter.

James A. Crawford Jr. ’58, MA’58, September 28, 2008. Lambda Chi, debate society, ski club, tennis, international relations club, outing club. Prior to his retirement in 1997, he was president and CEO of Crawford & Associates investment firm in Fayetteville, NY. He was predeceased by his father, James ’32. He is survived by his wife of 51 years, Patricia, 2 sons, a daughter, 7 grandchildren, his mother, his brother, and several nieces and nephews.

Mark E. Muller ’59, April 11, 2008. Lacrosse, swimming. US Marine Corps. He is survived by his wife, Claire.

Charles A. Weiss, Sr. ’59, July 17, 2008. Delta Phi Alpha, Commons Club, German club, international relations club. PhD, SUNY Buffalo, 1966. In his 48 years at the Buffalo VA Medical Center as a clinical psychologist, he received numerous awards for his service to veterans. He also was the supervising psychologist at the Greater Buffalo Counseling Center for more than 35 years. He is survived by his wife, Catharine, 4 children including Charles Jr. ’83 and William ’85, 10 grandchildren, and daughter-in-law Susan McGill ’84.

Eugene P. Connell ’60, October 2, 2008. Alpha Tau Omega, Take Two Committee, outing club, sailing club. MA, University of Virginia, 1970. He worked for New York Telephone following graduation. After 37 years of service, including president and CEO of NYNEX CableComms Group, he retired as VP of marketing for Verizon in 1997. During the 1980 subway strike, he worked with then-Mayor Edward Koch to guide the administration through extensive transportation issues. He is survived by his wife, Carol, 3 sons and daughters-in-law, 9 grandchildren, 2 brothers, a sister, and many nieces and nephews.

Michael A. Hyman ’61, August 19, 2008. Maroon, bowling league. US Coast Guard. He was the funeral director and partner at Boulevard Riverside Chapels funeral home in Brooklyn, NY, for more than 40 years. He is survived by his wife, Arleen, and other family.

Francis P. Morelli ’61, September 10, 2008. Delta Upsilon, football. He joined the NY Titans and Jets Organization in the early ’60s as a defensive lineman before being traded to the Oakland Raiders. Due to injury, he moved on to teach and coach. Later, he held executive positions in the wine and spirits industry. He is survived by his wife, Sheila, 3 daughters, a son, a brother, a sister, 5 grandchildren, and several nieces and nephews.

John G. Feminella Jr. ’62, September 1, 2008. Sigma Chi, WRCU, Salmagundi, Newman Club, Osborn Mathematics Prize, student government, outing club. MD, New York University, 1966. During his residency at Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center from 1968-1972, he published several groundbreaking papers. In 1973 he founded Petersburg Urological Associates, Ltd., of which he was president until retiring in 2006. He also was on the medical staff of Southside Regional Medical Center, the consulting staff of John Randolph Hospital, and a clinical instructor of urology at the Medical College of Virginia. He was predeceased by his father, John ’34. He is survived by his wife, Jayne, 2 daughters, a sister, brother Stanley ’70, 2 nieces, and 2 nephews.

Gary M. Gleason ’62, July 31, 2008. JD, College of William and Mary, 1966. He joined a law firm in Wellsboro, Pa., in 1966, became partner in 1967, and practiced there until retiring in 2006. His lifelong pursuit of musical endeavors led him to be a founding member of and the attorney for the Endless Mountain Music Festival. He is survived by his wife, Sonya, a son, 2 daughters, 2 grandchildren, and his father.

George W. Parsons Jr. ’64, August 14, 2008. Lambda Chi Alpha, marching band, chamber band, jazz ensemble. JD, St. John’s University, 1967. He was a partner in the law firm of Cole, Geaney, Yamner, and Byrne, PA in Paterson, NJ. He then was a solo practitioner in Ho-Ho-Kus, followed by 15 years as a judge for the Superior Court of New Jersey until his retirement. He is survived by his wife, Jaye, 2 daughters including Whitney Parsons ’93 Klein, 2 sons-in-law, and 4 grandchildren.

J. Garry Platt ’64, May 18, 2008. Lambda Chi. He was president of JG Platt Distributing Co. He is survived by his wife, Sheryl, 2 sons, a daughter, and father Robert ’41.

Brian B. Dosen ’68, August 25, 2008. Phi Beta Kappa. US Navy, Vietnam War. CFP, College for Financial Planning. An investment broker, he worked for A.G. Edwards and Sons, Inc. for many years. He is survived by his wife, Deborah, 2 sons, an adoptive daughter, 5 adoptive sons, a grandson, his father, a sister, and 2 nieces.

Ronald A. Staurovsky ’68, September 29, 2008. Delta Upsilon, Russian club, soccer, economics club, Alumni Corporation Board 1980-1984, class editor 1986-1990. He was a health care consultant for ACS Consulting Co., as well as a soccer coach for youth, high school, and college. He was predeceased by his brother, Russell ’59. He is survived by his wife, Nancy, 3 daughters, and a grandchild.

Richard K. Stolbach ’70, September 8, 2006. Pi Sigma Alpha, Konosioni, Colgate News, Washington, D.C., Study Group, WRCU, Hillel Foundation, basketball, baseball, student government. MEd, University of Florida, 1972; JD, Pace University, 1985. He was an elementary school teacher and an attorney. He is survived by his wife, Sharon, and their children.

Michael M. Weisbrot ’70, September 26, 2008. Lacrosse. MBA, Wharton Business School, 1972. His career in finance included work as a portfolio analyst for Delaware Management Co. He is survived by his wife, Susan, a son, a daughter, and his cousin Roger G. Dahood ’64.

Ronald S. Pelissier ’71, July 29, 2008. Alpha Delta Phi, Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Society. He worked for the US Department of Agriculture Food and Nutrition Services for 20 years until retirement. He is survived by his wife, Deborah, and 3 brothers.

Elizabeth H. Davey, August 30, 2008. Starting in 1965, her career at Colgate included working as a department and divisional secretary in the computer center, Chapel House, and humanities and classics departments until her retirement in 1994. She is survived by 2 daughters and a son.

Nancy Runyon Sastri, October 19, 2008. In 1966 she was hired as a secretary by the English department and served in that capacity until her retirement in 1990. She is survived by her husband, Salvatore Sam, a daughter, a son, a sister, a sister-in-law, and 2 grandchildren.

Road Taken

Brian Drier ’86
Assistant professor of English, Nagaoka University of Technology, and jazz singer

I entered Colgate as an Alumni Memorial Scholar, after a year stringing tennis rackets, busing tables, and singing in a none-too-talented and none-too-busy bar/garage band. I created my own major, Human Liberation: Theory & Praxis, which drew on ideas found in philosophy, religion, sociology, and political science.

I attended law school at SUNY-Buffalo and worked in the Appeals Bureau at Legal Aid of Nassau County for seven years.

Then I took a “temporary” leave to serve as an assistant language teacher on the Japan Exchange and Teaching Programme.

Returning to New York, I entered Columbia University’s Teachers College, where I won the John Fanselow award (essentially a recognition of creativity and originality).

I returned to Japan a few days before Sept. 11, 2001. The next April, I began teaching at Nagaoka University of Technology. By day, I’m a tenured professor; by night, a jazz singer in Tokyo and Yokohama.

In Japan, there is a concept called en, the fateful connection that marks something as meant to be: a person, a place, perhaps one’s calling. I met my wife at a jazz club in Tokyo (we were both checking out a “vocal clinic”). The house that we’ve built is the lucky 13th in our area. Coincidence?

My experiences at Colgate fostered my curiosity; my deep and abiding interest in music and language; love of improvisation; and reliance on intuition. In the Colgate years, I found myself, found my feet, and found a path to the next bend in the road.

Margaux Jackson ’07 helps athlete Laura Schwanger into her boat after accepting the bronze medal in the women’s arms-only single sculls in the 2008 Paralympics in Beijing, China.

On the waterfront in Beijing ’08 with Margaux Jackson ’07

What is your job title?
National Team Programs Athlete Coordinator, U.S. Rowing Association

What was your role at the 2008 Olympics and Paralympics?
Assistant team leader for the Olympic team and the team leader for the Paralympic team.

What did your job entail in Beijing?
My function is to eliminate any obstacles to the athletes competing successfully. We coordinated the athletes’ activities as well as organized meals and transportation — basically ensuring that they had everything they needed. We also acted as liaisons between the team and the international rowing association, so we were the representatives for them, taking care of any issues that needed to be resolved.

What challenges did you face?
The Paralympics was my first trip as a team leader by myself and I was the only U.S. Rowing staff person there — that was really exciting. It was also the first time that rowing was a Paralympic event, so it was a big test for us to see what we could do. We’ve only had an adaptive rowing team for four years, so this was our first time at that level of competition, and we won two medals out of the four events we competed in.

Tell us what it was like to be there.
I was there for a total of seven weeks, which was a long time, but being at the Olympics and Paralympics was just an amazing experience. You have the highest level of athletes in the world, and everyone is so dedicated and so focused that it’s really inspiring. There’s a lot of buildup and it’s something many people have been working toward all their lives, so it’s a very intense feeling. Everything has to be perfect, at the highest level, and for myself and the other team leader, that’s why we’re there, to keep everything running smoothly so that the athletes can do their best. Being around that kind of energy amps you up and makes you want to do your best. It’s a great environment for sports.

How did your Colgate education prepare you for your work?
My degree in international relations has definitely been very helpful. The international rowing scene is not in North America at all, so I correspond with other teams. I speak French, Dutch, and Spanish, so I’ve been able to use that quite a bit. Having traveled a lot and studied abroad, being familiar with other places is always really helpful in this job.
    My experience on the Colgate crew team for four years, and being captain, were instrumental. I think about it every day that I’m here — I learned so much — and I wouldn’t be here if I hadn’t been on the team. I feel lucky for that. I wish those girls would get more recognition and the support that they deserve because they’re really hard-working student-athletes. That experience is invaluable for the rest of your life.

— Aleta Mayne

Colgate Seen

The spirit of alumni sporting their Colgate gear is seen here, there, and everywhere around the globe. We’re collecting photos of Colgate sightings around the world. E-mail them to scene@mail.colgate.edu with “Colgate Seen” in the subject line, or mail them to: Colgate Scene, 13 Oak Drive, Hamilton, NY 13346.

This photo of Adam Skarke ’03 in northeast New Zealand was taken when he was a teaching assistant for the oceanography study abroad program for the University of Delaware, where he is a PhD student. He was teaching students about beach and coastal erosion processes on the Pacific coast.

Adonal Foyle ’98 (left) came to campus in September to talk with Colgate students about the organization he founded, Democracy Matters. “Our dream that regular citizens can represent each other is one that is running away from us,” said Foyle during a brown bag lunch in the O’Connor Campus Center, sponsored by Colgate’s chapter of Democracy Matters. Leading the fight to get “big private money” out of politics, Foyle founded Democracy Matters at Colgate in 2001. Now with an active presence on 80 college campuses, the nonpartisan organization gives students a voice in issues of democracy. For Foyle, who also delivered an evening lecture at Memorial Chapel, the recent national election was a momentous occasion: it was the first time he voted in a U.S. presidential election. A native of a tiny Caribbean island, he came to the United States when he was 15 and became a U.S. citizen last year. “This [was] such a watershed moment for me. To be able to vote in this historic election [was] unbelievable,” he said.

Dan Arment ’83 has gone from wearing a football helmet as the Colgate Raiders’ outside linebacker to becoming president of Riddell, the official helmet of the NFL. Easton-Bell Sports recently promoted Arment to the position after his years as executive vice president and general manager of mass market business. He previously was the vice president of national sales for the Speedo Division of the Authentic Fitness Corporation, and also has marketing experience with Playtex, Mennen, and Revlon. Arment and his wife, Julie Collishaw Arment ’86, live in the Chicago area with their three children.

Shirt tales

“It translates to ‘Now accepting applications for a Japanese girlfriend.’ My grandmother found this shirt online and bought it for me. She thought it would be funny because of my major.”
Gregory Golden ’09
Japanese and Spanish major
Hometown: Keller, Texas