A Day in the Life

Autumn 2011

2010 Kim Siembieda

734 Arlington Road

Narberth, PA 19072 

James Zegarelli ’09 and Teresa Daniele are engaged! During their time at Colgate, James and Teresa were both members of the Colgate Resolutions a cappella group. James is now a 1st lt in the US Marine Corps and is currently deployed in Afghanistan as an infantry officer. Teresa is working as a research fellow at the Natl Institute of Mental Health and plans to pursue a grad degree in clinical psych. 
 Miraculously, Colgate has found a home in Seattle! Nick Franzen ’09, Lindsey Jacobson, Chris Maccini, Ali Gillespie, Lexi Ross, Greg Bricca, Welles Wiley, and Dave Worthen ’12, although still searching for Seattle’s version of Slices, have temporarily found Jug/Bacon/Nichols substitutes as they get together regularly in and around Seattle.

      Following graduation, Sandy Li and boyfriend of 4 years Ray Swartz moved to S CA. Despite occasionally missing the snow of Colgate and the dreaded hill, they are loving CA thus far. Ray is pursuing his PhD in chem at Stanford and joined a very interesting research group that is working on solar cells and materials. Sandy is working with Morgan Stanley Smith Barney as a client service assoc in wealth mgmt.

      Back East, Mike Goltzman ’09, Adam Cornelius ’09, and Jonathon Miller-Meeks are moving in together on the Upper East Side. Mike, Adam, and Jonathan were roommates soph year at Colgate, and now they’re going to be roomies in their soph year of life. 
 Colgate has also made its presence in an intramural soccer league. The team is captained by Matt Kroll ’07 and Liz Polido. Stephen Hansen, Spencer Cercone, Kim Siembieda, Kellen Kroll, Meaghan Goodwin ’12, Carly Sousa ’08, and Kiki Koroshetz ’11 round out the rest of the group. While their female-dominated team is often underestimated, they continue to dominate the playing field and are quickly gaining the attention of the NYC intramural soccer community.  
 In August Stefanie Kovacic finished her internship at the Ctr for Human Rights and Global Justice at NYU Law School. She just started her 2nd year at St John U School of Law. 
 Cameron Williams has landed an amazing job with Razorfish as a business analyst. She is spending her free time roaming the streets of NY.  
 Tessa Drake is working at Horizon Media as an asst brand strategist. Tessa is also performing improv at Upright Citizens Brigade with Steve Naidu and Colin Klenk ’09. 
 Spencer Cercone is working as a legal asst at Scadden, Arps while living in Brooklyn.  
 In May, John Williams joined the Peace Corps in Suriname and is loving life in S America. In July he finished training and was sworn in. Since then, he moved to Ligorio, a small Saramakan village on the Gran Lio, where he will be living for the next 2 years. Everyone can follow John’s blog at itsalwayssunnyinsuriname.wordpress.com
 Some of our classmates continued to create Colgate-related memories by getting together over July 4 weekend. Sam Daly, Lindsey Simpson, Emily Mason, Elizabeth Oblinger, Andrew Wickerham, Kate Stichnoth, Ani Kavookjian, Alexandra Yogman, Lauren Garfield, Courtney Kundtz, Sarah Looney, Jenna Knoll, Jordan Turban, Sarah Mcgraw, Sam Levine, Patrick McClellan, Jack Mengel, David Sarfati, Ilya Weinstein, Max Melillo, Dave Ake, and Vinnie Freccia all spent the weekend together in New Canaan, CT. 
 Alex Jonas is attending the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC) and is working toward getting her master’s of architecture. The program is 3 years long and is part of the Art Institute of Chicago. This scenic school is located on Grant Park in downtown Chicago.  
 Lauren Paverman recently returned from an amazing 7 months in Santiago de Compostela, Spain, where she was working as a teaching asst. At the end of Aug, Lauren began interning in DC as a research assoc at the Council on Hemispheric Affairs, an NGO that reports on US-Latin American relations and current events in the hemisphere. 
 The Talener Group, a tech staffing firm with HQ in NY, has opened its arms to 7 Colgate grads: Matt Kroll ’07, Rob Laughlin, Austin Douglas, Kim Siembieda, Jonathan Zheng ’11, Doug Rosnick ’11, Arianne Smola ’11, and Nick Cvetic ’11. In recent news, Rob has moved from NY to San Fran to manage his own team, a great opportunity for him having been with Talener for 1 year!

      Eric McGowan is happily living and working at Nazareth Farm, a Catholic community in WV. He currently leads groups of HS and college volunteers in home repairs.

      Pierson Ebrom finished his 1st year of med school at the Chicago C of Osteopathic Medicine in Downers Grove, IL. For the summer, Pierson spent his time back home working as a clinical research asst at St Mary’s Health Care. In his 3rd year at med school, Pierson will be assigned to clinical rotations in downtown Chicago.

      Last May, Daniel Gledhill ’11 (who entered with our class) graduated from a 5-year combined degree program offered by Colgate and the Columbia U School of Engineering and Applied Sciences. He graduated with a BS in materials science and engineering, magna cum laude, from Columbia’s Division of Applied Physics and Applied Mathematics. He was one of only 3 undergraduates in his program honored with top academic awards, receiving the Francis BF Rhodes Prize, which recognizes the member of the graduating class who shows the “greatest proficiency” in the field of materials science and metallurgical engineering. With his completion of the Columbia program, Daniel also received a BA in physics from Colgate.

      Rebecca Helfer arrived in Toyohashi, Japan, on April 1, only 2 weeks after the earthquake and tsunami. She is working as an English teacher at Cloud 9 Preschool. She recently met up with Alex Sklyar while he was on his way back from Nagasaki to Yokohama.

      In June, Morgan Krieger started a 15-month teaching fellowship in DC with the Ctr for Inspired Teaching. She will be teaching a joint 3rd/4th grade class while working toward her master’s in the Art of Teaching.

      Jeb Golinkin successfully finished his 1st year of law school at the U of TX. He worked as a summer assoc in DC over the summer and is back in Austin for his 2L year. Jeb continues to work as an editor and reporter for Frumforum.com and plans to run his 3rd marathon this fall.

      Happy homecoming and keep the updates coming!

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