Online Course - The Advent of the Atomic Bomb
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Join the Colgate alumni community for this exciting new online course with Karen Harpp, associate professor of geology!

The Advent of the Atomic Bomb

Spring 2014 Semester

*Please note that this course has all ready started for our undergraduate students.  Alumni are still encouraged to register for this course and participate.  You will have the opportunity to start from the beginning and catch up at your own pace, or you can begin participating at the point where the class is when you join.*

You are invited to participate in an exciting new online academic opportunity. Join Colgate's Associate Professor of Geology Karen Harpp, current students, and other alumni by taking the popular Core course called The Advent of the Atomic Bomb. This course focuses on the science, history, politics, and ethical questions surrounding the Manhattan Project.

We believe this online course will provide a rich academic experience and a flexible schedule that will allow you to easily manage your level of commitment.

This is one of the university's first attempts at providing a full online course through today's emerging technologies.  Your participation and feedback throughout the course will be invaluable as Colgate looks to adapt these technologies to best fit the university and its community of learners.

The online course is free and open only to alumni.  You can decide to participate in any or all of the following:

1) Online discussions with current students: Topics will change weekly, and movies are often used as springboards to get discussions going. Because the discussions will take place every week, you can watch the films and contribute to the conversations throughout the semester, or just join in occasionally as fits with your schedule. 

2) Video conferences: To establish stronger connections with students and encourage more in-depth conversation, there will be weekly discussions involving just a few students and alumni.  Again, this is completely optional; you could sign in for one, none, or multiple discussions during the semester. 

3) Online class content: Professor Harpp will provide full access to course materials so participating alumni can follow along throughout the semester.  This allows for continued flexibility, as you can access this material at your convenience. There won’t be any exams for the alumni, never fear!

4) Additional online interaction opportunities: We will be trying out a few additional projects, including an online timeline developed collaboratively by students and alumni participants, and a Twitter feed that places participants in the shoes of the historical figures of the Manhattan Project. 

The course will utilize a Colgate-hosted version of the edX online course platform. Staff members will be working closely with Professor Harpp and with alumni who choose to take part. A course syllabus, instructions on how to use the edX platform, etc. will follow at a later date.

Please register online by clicking the button below, or contact Alumni Relations at 315-228-7439.
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