Council Structure

The Alumni Council is made up of five executive officers, 28 ERA representatives, eight at-large representatives, nine regional vice presidents, and six alumni trustees.  Each member is a part of at least one of the nine committees detailed below. 

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Executive Committee
Admissions Committee

Advancement Committee
Athletics Committee
Awards Committee
Career Services Committee
Communications Committee
District Clubs Committee

Nominations Committee
University Relations Committee

Executive Committee:
Christine Cronin Gallagher '83, President
Theresa Donahue Egler '77, Vice President
Kathleen Dill '89, Treasurer
Michael F. Morrone '68, Legal Counsel
Timothy Mansfield, Executive Secretary

The Executive Committee consists of fourteen (14) members - the President, Vice President, Executive Secretary (ex officio), Treasurer, and Legal Counsel, and the Chair of each of the following Committees: Admissions, Advancement, Athletics, Awards, Career Services, Communications, District Clubs, Nominations, and University Relations.

The Executive Committee can exercise the powers and authorities of the Alumni Council during the intervals between the meetings of the Alumni Council. 

The Executive Committee recommends to the Nominations Committee candidates for President, Vice President, and Alumni Trustee (having first received recommendations from individual Alumni Council members).  It also recommends to the Alumni Council, candidates for Treasurer, Legal Counsel, and Executive Secretary.

Admissions CommitteeMr. Copeland G. Bertsche '63, Chair

Assists the University’s Admissions Office by encouraging and supporting alumni participation in the admissions process, including working with the Admissions staff for purposes of determining how best to recruit, train and retain alumni admissions volunteers, offering non-evaluative interviews, representing the University at college fairs, hosting events in support of the University’s objectives, and promoting connectivity between the Admissions staff and the District Clubs Committee to enhance the alumni admissions volunteer network.

Advancement CommitteeDr. Robert B. Raiber '68, Chair

Promotes all of the University’s advancement goals by, among other things, recruiting and organizing alumni to participate as donors and advancement volunteers.

Athletics CommitteeMr. Thomas W. Dempsey '72, Chair

Provides advice and support to the Department of Athletics and Physical Education as requested in an effort to, among other things:  (i) promote student and alumni interest in and attendance at varsity events; (ii) maintain and enhance close cooperation with alumni athletic team support groups; and (iii) publicly recognize the efforts and achievements of both student athletes and Department staff.

Awards CommitteeMr. William J. Sweeney '01, Chair

In honor of alumni, faculty and other University employees who have manifested outstanding commitment and service to the University, this Committee recommends to the Alumni Council those persons the Committee considers eligible for the Wm. Brian Little ’64 Alumni Award for Distinguished Service, Maroon Citations, the Ann Yao ’80 Memorial Young Alumni Award, and the Colgate University Corporation Humanitarian Award.  In addition, this Committee confers with the Dean of Faculty to select the recipient of the annual Distinguished Teaching Award.  The Committee also confers with the University’s Dean of Admissions to select the recipient of the annual Alumni Admissions Representative of the Year Award

The meetings of this Committee are open only to the members of this Committee.

Career Services CommitteeMr. Robert C. Johnson '94, Chair

Assists and supports the Career Services Office in helping today’s students prepare for the successful transition from the University to fulfilling careers.  The Committee’s efforts in this regard shall include mentoring, fostering internships, networking, participating in mock interviews, and advising on career and graduate school opportunities.

Communications CommitteeMs. Lynn Plant '77, Chair

Identifies, understands and actively employs all available resources to develop and improve the ongoing communications among the University’s alumni, students, faculty and administration.  To achieve this, the Committee will proactively engage both old and new technologies in a continuing effort to facilitate a positive dialogue among and between alumni and Colgate to help advance the University's interests. 

District Clubs CommitteeMrs. Kathryn Chamberlain Roberts '01, Chair

Strengthens lifelong connectedness between the University and its alumni by promoting communications and the exchange of ideas among various District Club officers, the Alumni Council’s Regional Vice Presidents, and the University’s Alumni Relations Office.  The Committee selects on an annual basis the recipients of the awards identified as follows:  the Carleton O. Miller ’14 Memorial Cup for “Outstanding District Club Achievement” and the Harold S. Miller ’42 Memorial Cup for “Most Improved District Club,” both in each of the following District Club size categories:  Gateway Club (1-150 alumni), Small Club (151-300 alumni), Medium Club (301-600 alumni), Large Club (601-1000 alumni), and Metropolitan Club (over 1000 alumni); and The District Clubs Award for Distinguished Individuals.

Nominations CommitteeMrs. Katharine M. LaBanca '05, Chair

Reviews and recommends to the Alumni Council the following candidates for membership in the Alumni Council: ERA candidates, at-large candidates, Regional Vice President candidates, and candidates for President and Vice President.

The meetings of this Committee are open only to the members of this Committee.

University Relations Committee - Mrs. Amy M. Leo '03, Chair
The mission of the University Relations Committee is to insure and facilitate understanding among alumni, administration, faculty and students through constructive dialogue on matters of student and academic affairs, alumni relations, and all other issues which do not fall within the jurisdiction of another committee on the Council.