Alumni Connections Team

 About the Alumni Connections Team

The Alumni Connections Team is tomorrow’s most engaged and active alumni. They include students who understand the value of giving back to Colgate, while serving an important role as students.

The Alumni Connections Team (ACT) includes students on our Annual Fund calling program, Senior Class Gift Committee, former Reunion staff workers, or other students who want to learn more about life as a Colgate alumnus!

Began in the fall of 2010, the Alumni Relations Office staff recruited students from all class years to join ACT. Interested students submitted a resume and letter of intent to join, and were considered members once they did so. Future recruitment periods are held in February and September each year.

Our program model is this: connect more students with alumni so they can learn and appreciate the lifelong bond they share with Colgate. Life as an alumnus should not begin with graduation…it’s our responsibility to introduce earlier connections for students so they become our greatest alumni ambassadors.

2010-2011 Programs and Events:
  • December 7: Networking/Etiquette workshop
  • Winter break events with alumni & parents
  • Alumni Council Meeting/Real World, January 14-15
  • February: Career Services workshop with Benton and LOFT students
  • March: CEO luncheon with senior alumni administrators
  • April 9: Alumni Leader Symposium with Alumni Council

Connect with Us!
Alumni and/or parents can contact Jenna Webb ’02 at for information about the program or ways you can meet our members. Or, take advantage of T.A.S.T.E. (Take A Student To Eat) by visiting campus and bringing one of our members to lunch….a great way to meet our membership and hear about student life at Colgate!