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Thank you for your interest in volunteering for Colgate! Alumni can offer their time in a number of ways, including leading regional clubs, planning reunions, serving as gift chairs and class agents, offering career counseling, and promoting Colgate to prospective students.

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Staying Active in the Colgate Community

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District Clubs:
Get involved with your district club — start planning events that will keep your Colgate spirit burning and your list of contacts growing. No active club nearby? Contact us by e-mail or at 315-228-7439 to find out how you can launch one today.
The Alumni Admission Network:
Colgate alumni are walking, talking viewbooks — you embody our efforts to train 21st century leaders. Contact the admission office by e-mail or at 315-228-7401 to find out how you can help us attract top-notch first-years by staffing a college night or telling your Colgate story to prospective undergraduates in your area.
The Annual Fund:
Every gift to Colgate makes a difference. The annual fund represents 7 percent of our operating budget — about $2,500 per student. It supports every aspect of the Colgate experience, from scholarship resources to snow removal. Please add us to your list of philanthropic priorities! To make a gift by phone or to become a class agent, call 800-668-44CU.
Colgate Career Network:
Jump-start your professional life by connecting with other Colgate alumni — then return the favor. Through the Colgate Career Network, you can participate in information sessions on your field, recruit at Colgate, or establish internships. For more information, contact Career Services by e-mail or at 315-228-7318.
Reunion Committees:
Welcome your classmates back to the Chenango Valley. To help plan the details of your class reunion, please contact the alumni office in the year preceding the big event.