Presidents' Club


Giving Levels: July 1, 2012–June 30, 2013

Presidents’ Club

$500,000 Membership in Perpetuity
(Cumulative gifts within 10 years)

$250,000 Founder

$100,000 Benefactor

$ 50,000 Patron

$ 25,000 Council

$ 10,000 Fellow

$ 5,000 Partner

$ 2,100 Family Membership
Undergraduate parents and their student(s)

$ 2,000 Member
Classes of 1963 to 2003, Parents,
Grandparents and Friends

$ 1,000 Member
Classes of 1925 to 1962 and Widows
Graduated Levels

$900 Class of 2004

$800 Class of 2005

$700 Class of 2006

$600 Class of 2007

$500 Class of 2008
(5th year reunion)

$400 Class of 2009

$300 Class of 2010

$200 Class of 2011

$100 Class of 2012

$100 Undergraduates


Members of the Presidents’ Club — Colgate’s leadership gift society — march at the forefront of this university’s journey to excellence in liberal arts education. Their investments demonstrate the highest level of commitment and lay the foundation for our success.

In return for their support, Presidents’ Club members enjoy:
  • Invitations to special events like our annual reception and dinner held in New York City
  • Regular, exclusive, personalized communications like PC Newsflash, our online newsletter
  • A seat at presidential roundtable conversations to discuss Colgate’s future
  • Special attention during Reunion and Family weekends
  • Opportunities to interact with students through career services

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For more information on joining the Presidents' Club, contact:
Patricia Caprio
Director of Leadership Giving
Colgate University
13 Oak Drive
Hamilton, NY 13346

    Presidents' Club hosts annual NYC event

    Since 1819, each Colgate president has led the university forward in a way that was important for the time. In 2011, with President Jeffrey Herbst committed to protecting the “soul” of Colgate while significantly advancing it through a rapidly changing future, the April 29 Presidents’ Club dinner in New York City was the right time to honor them all. [Read more]



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