13 Ways to Get Involved


Getting involved with Colgate can mean many things: volunteer opportunities, elected positions, and sometimes just connecting with one another. Join your fellow alumni who give their time and talents to make a difference in the Colgate community. Explore the many ways that you can get involved today!

1. Open up your office! Donate your office’s conference room for Colgate-sponsored events. We’re always looking for places around the country (but especially in the big cities) for programs, meetings and events. To get on the Colgate conference room registry, please e-mail akalal@colgate.edu.

2. Start a Colgate conversation! Send news from campus—such as Alumni Council news—to Colgate friends, and let the Alumni Relations Office know what you hear, so we can get your and your friends’ questions and thoughts to the right folks on campus. Click on www.colgateconnect.org/talktous.

3. Put a student to work! Colgate students are yearning for real world experience—and the best way to get it is through summer, winter and spring break internships, paid and unpaid. If you have an internship suitable for a Colgate student, or a friend has one, please contact the Career Services Office at ccs@colgate.edu.

4. Host an event with your own friends! Your first year dorm neighbors, intramural team, or fellow majors all helped bring you together when you were at Colgate. Those “affinity” groups can still bond you together, so let us help you plan a mini-reunion! Click this link to tell us about an event you are having with fellow alums, and receive support from Colgate to make it happen.

5. Go to Reunion, and participate! Consider attending Reunion every year you can, and present a “Reunion College” program when you are there. Alumni love to hear about interesting careers.

6. Celebrate Colgate Day! Colgate Day is every Friday the 13th. Wear some Colgate gear and send us a photo—you might make it onto the website! Find out how at www.colgateconnect.org/colgateday.

7. Open up your home! When students travel for a Colgate 13/Swinging Gates event, an athletic match, or debate it is often difficult to find affordable hotels. Please notify the Alumni Office is you have space to accommodate students….or even host an alumni event!

8. Let us know about prospective students! Admissions can always use help spreading the Colgate message, and attracting the best students to Colgate each year. Consider volunteering for a college fair, writing a letter, or serving as an Alumni Admission Volunteer. Click here to learn about the Alumni Admission Network.

9. Go to a Colgate athletic event! Our athletic programs need your support in the stands, and there is plenty to root for in 2010 as our teams compete in Patriot League and ECAC tournaments. If you are interested, you can also direct a financial donation to your favorite team: www.gocolgateraiders.com

10. Stay connected! Update your alumni profile, and you’ll make it easier for classmates and friends to find you, and for you to stay connected to Colgate.

11. Tell us what you’re doing! Drop an e-mail to your class editor, or write the Colgate Scene directly at scene@colgate.edu, to share your stories and updates.

12. Tap into technology! Colgate is finding new ways to keep alumni engaged with the school and with each other. The Maroon Advantage programs offer career development skill building webinars, and the Hill at Home brings the classroom right to your living room!

13. Participate in your local club! Colgate alums organize a record number of club events—from pub nights to faculty lectures, sports events to wine tastings—every year. Go to the events that interest you; for a schedule, visit www.colgateconnect.org. If you’re interested in a leadership role in your local club, contact the Alumni Relations Office and we’ll connect you with the right people.