2008 Award Recipients
2008 Award Recipients

Alumni Corporation Award for Distinguished Teaching
Ann Yao '80 Memorial Young Alumni Award
Maroon Citations
Humanitarian Award
Wm. Brian Little '64 Alumni Award for Distinguished Service

Alumni Corporation Award for Distinguished Teaching

Stanley C. Brubaker, Professor of Political Science, Director of the Institute for Philosophy, Politics and Economics

Stan Brubaker has been a professor of political science at Colgate for more than thirty years. He attended Miami University of Ohio as an undergraduate, then proceeded to the University of Virginia where he earned his PhD in political science in 1979. His doctoral thesis earned him the Edward S. Corwin Award for the best dissertation in the field of public law in 1979 and 1980.

In his many years at Colgate, Professor Brubaker has gained a reputation for teaching excellence in the areas of American government, political theory, and Constitutional Law. He has inspired a generation of students to study Constitutional law at the highest level of analytical rigor and philosophical analysis. His Moot Court exercises are legendary among students for their drama and education in legal procedures. A firm believer in the Great Books approach to learning, Stan combines classical liberal arts education with bracing views of the American political scene. Many students believe he represents the best of Colgate's teaching traditions in combining practical and theoretical wisdom.

Stan is also a distinguished scholar who has published influential writings on the legal and moral issues surrounding campaign spending limits, censorship, theories of punishment, and the virtues of self-government. In the past two years, he has also devoted a great deal of time and energy to establishing a new institute at Colgate, the Institute for Philosophy, Politics and Economics, and serving as its first director. Under his leadership, the Institute has announced its theme for the coming year as the study of “Liberal Democracy and Its Limits”.

With gratitude from generations of alumni, we proudly present the 2008 Distinguished Teaching Award to Stanley Brubaker.

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Caroline F. Keating, Professor of Psychology

The innate ability of Colgate students motivates Carrie Keating, who is well known for challenging herself to do all that she can to draw out those talents. “In class, she makes everyone feel they have something to contribute,” says an admiring colleague who added, “teaching is hard work, and Carrie works hard at it.”

An example is her course on the psychology of leadership – “ How to Change the World” – offered to sophomores in the LOFT Program: Leadership Options for Tomorrow. In that course, Carrie is more manager than teacher – a resource providing background, guidance and encouragement for students who are living together while learning to be agents of change.

A Syracuse alumna with an AB and PhD in social psychology, Carrie joined the faculty in 1981. She specializes in cross-cultural human development, social and emotional development, and non-verbal communication. With student collaborators she studies the skills, traits and motives associated with social dominance and leadership in children and adults. One of her extended projects found that children capable of telling the most convincing lies were also seen as the most effective leaders. “People who are socially powerful have unusually good acting skills,” she says on her web page, “persuasive performances begin with kidding yourself.”

In addition to publishing her findings in professional journals, Carrie is often contacted by the popular press to explain how non-verbal cues influence social interaction and leadership. Her frequent appearances in print, on radio talk shows, and on television are important reflections of Colgate in the world.

Carrie is a popular teacher, a valued colleague, and a generous university citizen, and we are pleased to recognize her with the Alumni Council’s 2008 Distinguished Teaching Award.

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Ann Yao '80 Memorial Young Alumni Award

Amy Hargrave Leo ’03

Class of 2003 co-president Amy Hargrave Leo defined the active Colgate undergraduate: George Cobb Fellow and Dana Scholar, Gamma Phi Beta sorority, University Chorus, representative to student government, Phi Eta Sigma first-year honor society, Psi Chi honor society in psychology, Konosioni, Colgate Christian Fellowship. As a research assistant to psychology professor Regina Conti, Amy presented papers in Toronto and Boston. She spent a spring break working with orphans in the Dominican Republic, and then left that fall on the Manchester Study Group. Her work as a residential advisor and head resident would serve her later in her professional life. And she was a senior intern in the admission office.

After graduation, Amy stayed on at Colgate, working in student affairs alongside her soon-to-be husband Joe Leo ’01 – they were married on campus, of course.

In 2005 Amy and Joe left for New York City where Amy would enroll in graduate study at Columbia University’s Teachers College. Today Amy is associate director of residential life and pre-college programs at Barnard, and she and Joe are the parents of Joshua, future member of the Class of 2029.

Despite that heavy schedule, Amy remains active in alumni affairs with the Women’s Advisory Committee, the Women’s Summit, and Gamma Phi Beta. She returned to campus last fall to help train residential advisors, and with her friend and co-president Kelli Wong she co-chaired the committee that planned 2003’s 5th year Reunion.

For all her work on behalf of Colgate and her class, we are pleased to honor Amy Hargrave Leo with the Ann Yao Memorial Young Alumni Award.

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Kelli A. Wong ’03

This is Kelli Wong’s second award from the Alumni Corporation. The first, in 2003, was the 1819 Award, given annually to "the senior whose character, scholarship, sportsmanship, and service to others best exemplify the Colgate spirit."

An Alumni Memorial Scholar who published in organic chemistry as an undergraduate, Kelli was a Cobb Fellow, Dana Scholar, member of the honors societies for first-year students and German students, and a member of Konosioni. She was a Sidekick, a juggler, an RA, a tour guide, active in the China Club, Asian Awareness and the Activities Board. She was class president her first and sophomore years, and co-president with Amy Hargrave (now Hargrave Leo) as a senior.

As a junior, Kelli studied at NIH in the fall and at the University of Freiberg in the spring. As a senior she was a finalist for a Gates Fellowship and turned down a Fulbright to accept a Watson that would take her to the Far East to study the origins of chess. (She met Gary Kasparov, but we don’t think she beat him.)

She returned to a post-baccalaureate year at NIH, during which she served on the board of the Colgate Club of DC and played for the Raiders’ intercollegiate alumni softball team. Since 2004 she’s been enrolled in the School of Medicine and Public Health at Tulane, where, incidentally, she lost everything in Hurricane Katrina. Now an alumni admissions representative, she helps recruit New Orleanians to Colgate.

With all that, Kelli has stayed true to her class, working with Amy Hargrave Leo to plan this 5th Reunion. In gratitude and awe we present her the Ann Yao Memorial Young Alumni Award.

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Maroon Citations

Kent Kehr ’53

Kent Kehr is still one of the hardest workers around. But if you look closely at how he lives his life you could also say he’s a model of what you can do with a liberal arts education. Attorney, developer, entrepreneur, former vice president of Ralston Purina Company, philanthropist, collector of art, rider of Harleys, blues aficionado, husband to Joan (whom he married on June 13th), father to four – that’s some résumé.

All the indicators were there when he graduated summa cum laude from Colgate 55 years ago: a War Memorial and Austen Colgate Scholar, Phi Beta Kappa, Konosioni, an editor on the Maroon, member and president of the Commons Club, and a participant in the London Economics Study Group, among his many distinctions.

After Colgate, MIT offered a fellowship in economics, but Kent chose the law as a path to a more varied career. He returned to Missouri to earn his JD from Washington University, and then went to NYU for an LLM. Today from his office on 13th Street in St. Louis he’s an active real estate developer.

Kent has been a fundraising volunteer and served on the Regional Campaign Committee and on his class gift committee. A member in perpetuity of Colgate’s Presidents’ Club, Kent teamed with classmate Mike Poulos to match gifts that created a scholarship fund at the Class of 1953’s 50th reunion. More recently he was a lead donor in the quiet phase of Passion for the Climb: The Campaign for Colgate.

Kent’s generosity also extends to his boyhood hometown. Honoring his roots, he issued a challenge through the Eldon, Missouri, Community Foundation that created a million-dollar fund to support scholarships and community programming.

While leading a well-examined life, Kent has remembered Colgate and the larger community, and we’re proud to honor that commitment with this Maroon Citation.

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Scott O. Baldwin ’58

Fresh from Peabody High School in Pittsburgh, Scott Baldwin arrived on campus in the fall of 1954, following in the footsteps of his father Charles, Class of ’28. An English major, Scott joined ATO, wrote for the Banter, and was a member of the sailing team and instructor in sailing.

Betty Ann Reese of Sherburne, an RIT alumna, caught Scott’s eye and the couple married shortly after Scott’s graduation from Colgate. They settled in Sherburne and raised three sons. Scott ran a successful fuel oil business and was a leader in his church and community, including a decade on the school board and a turn as president of the Chenango County Fuel Oil Dealers Association.

A dozen years ago Scott changed careers, moving to Cazenovia as a principal and broker in an investment firm with his son Leigh, Colgate Class of ’83.

Scott serves on the Alumni Council and is a regular contributor to the university – a member of both the Presidents’ Club and the Willow Society. He provides career advice to Colgate students, participates in Real World, and, with Leigh, offers January internships and summer employment to Colgate students with an interest in finance.

As he did at his 45th, Scott stepped up to co-chair the reunion gift committee for the Class of 1958’s 50th. For his steadfast support of his alma mater, and for his continuing interest in the success of Colgate students, we are pleased to award the Maroon Citation to Scott Baldwin of the Great Class of 1958.

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William H. Caprio ’58

Know this: that the 50th Reunion of the Great Class of 1958 would be a far different affair were it not for Bill Caprio, your program committee chairman.

For that matter, the Class of ’58’s 10th, 15th, 20th, 25th, 30th, 35th, 40th, and 45th Reunions would have been far different affairs, too, were it not for Bill Caprio, for he chaired all those program committees, as well.

And all these years he’s gone about that work in the low-key, unassuming, positive, quiet and very efficient way that is his style: never seeking credit and always putting the interests of his classmates first.

A Sigma Nu, Bill was a member of Maroon Key and Konosioni, and active in student government. He also played soccer and swam for four years, captaining the swim team as a senior. He notes in the Reunion yearbook that Coach Mark Randall was “more like a mentor and father.” Bill joined some of Mark’s other former athletes to endow a chair in Mark’s honor.

Bill worked for Kodak for 33 years, including a stint in Guadalajara, Mexico. When he retired from Kodak he started a second career, traveling in Mexico, Canada, Singapore and the US to share his experience in information technology and quality assurance.

Bill has been active in his town and church and United Way, and serves on the board of his local YMCA. He and Carlene are parents of four and grandparents to eight.

For all that he has done to keep the Colgate Spirit alive in the Class of 1958, we are proud to award Bill Caprio this Maroon Citation.

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Robert B. Raiber ’68

In a remembrance of legendary Dean William Griffith, posted to the university website in March, Bob Raiber recalled how his initial interest in dentistry was kindled by “Willy the Griff.” The dean was a wrestling fan and Bob captained the team. But Griff knew that Bob also played in the orchestra and thought the manual dexterity of the pre-med musician might lend itself to dentistry. Griff introduced Bob to a recent grad at NYU dental school, and the rest is history in the recording.

With a practice in New York’s Rockefeller Plaza, Bob is active in his profession as past president of the New York City Dental Society, past governor of the New York State Dental Association, and delegate to the American Dental Association. As an ADA volunteer, he spent a week providing dentistry to residents of a remote Alaskan village. And the New York Academy of Dentistry presented Bob its Humanitarian Award for his volunteer forensic work after the attacks of 9/11.

Bob is an active volunteer for Colgate, as well, serving as an alumni admission officer, and class chair for the Presidents Club Membership Committee. He’s also served as an annual fund volunteer, vice chair of the Campaign for Colgate Medical Committee, and a career adviser to Colgate students.

Bob’s daughter Emily, Class of ’02, is coordinating producer of WNBC’s Today show. The two often travel together to Colgate events.

On this 40th anniversary of Bob’s graduation from Colgate, we’re pleased to honor his professional achievements and Colgate service with this Maroon Citation.

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Roger A. Ferlo ’73

When he was an Alumni Memorial Scholar majoring in English and history, Class of ’73 valedictorian Roger Ferlo also edited the Maroon, chaired the campus Judiciary Board, and was the organist and choirmaster at St. Thomas Episcopal Church in Hamilton. That combination of scholarship, service to his communities, and searching – to the accompaniment of music – has remained a theme in Roger’s life to this day.

Roger’s path to Virginia Theological Seminary, where he currently serves as associate dean, institute director, and professor of religion and culture, led through fellowships and teaching English at Yale, and then to ordination as an Episcopal priest. He served parishes in Georgia, Pittsburgh, and at New York City’s historic St. Luke in the Fields, where he was named the city’s Caring Community Humanitarian of the Year in 2002. He is an international leader in the Episcopal Church, author of two books on religion and editor of a third. Roger and his wife Anne Harlan are the parents of a daughter, Liz. To Roger, “getting away” often means performing with chamber groups on piano, cello, harpsichord and organ.

Since 2002 Roger has been contributing his wisdom to the governance of Colgate as a member of the Board of Trustees, where he chairs the Committee on Academic and Faculty Affairs and serves on the Student Affairs and Planning & Governance Committees. “I tend to teach and preach about taking risks,” he told the Colgate Scene in 1996, and his fellow trustees might tell you they have heard that message in his invocations.

A native of nearby Rome, Roger embodies the university’s connection to upstate New York. We are proud to award him this Maroon Citation.

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Alan S. Glos M’73

Alan Glos arrived at Colgate 36 years ago, a decorated and recently discharged Air Force captain studying for a Masters in counseling and higher education administration, which he earned with distinction.

He also earned a full-time appointment in Colgate’s administration, where he has been helping students negotiate their undergraduate careers ever since. Alan retires this year with the official title of Associate Dean of the College for Academic Advising, but Dean Charlotte Johnson says everyone knows he’s the Prime Minister of Student Affairs.

Through the terms of five presidents and nine deans, Alan has been the steady hand who knows the rules and policies and – more importantly – interprets them with a sense of compassion. “Consistency,” he says, “is sometimes an overrated virtue.”

Alan often advised a thousand or more students a year. He refined and coordinated the judiciary system for 13 years. He shepherded the Academic Honor Code. As editor of the Student Handbook he can literally give you chapter and verse on what the university and its students can expect of each other.

He’s chaired search committees and mentored new advisers. He’s stepped in as acting dean of first-year students and as administrative director of health services.

Colgate’s Doc Merrill Miller says Alan has heard so many medical complaints that he could diagnose an appendicitis over the phone.

No one is more thorough or competent in a time of crisis. When Alan is on the case, all the contingencies are covered.

The Alumni Council bestows the Maroon Citation on Alan Glos with gratitude for all he’s given to Colgate, and with best wishes to him and his family for a well-earned and rewarding retirement.

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William A. Johnston ’73

“Bill Johnston is a doer,” says Men’s Hockey Coach Don Vaughan, who should know. Bill was the lead donor and driving force in endowing a chair for men’s hockey, named in Coach Vaughan’s honor.

“Successful leaders care more about results than they do about the credit for achieving them,” Bill said of Coach Vaughan when announcing the chair at the Silver Puck dinner. The same assessment of unassuming leadership also applies to Bill. A stalwart on defense for Raider hockey teams in the early ’70’s, Bill was a sociology major, member of Konosioni, and a leader in DKE.

Today, as a member of the Alumni Council and a director of Silver Puck, Bill continues to provide understated, effective leadership on key issues for the university. A volunteer in past fundraising campaigns on both the financial services and regional committees, he has worked as a class agent or gift chair for the Class of ’73’s 20th, 25th and 30th Reunions.

It’s no secret that Bill values what hockey has given him in friendships and in life. The managing director of HarbourVest Partners in Boston, he still finds time to compete in over-50 leagues and skate on the rink in his own back yard. And he’s always mindful of how his involvement with the current generation of Colgate skaters can help them make the most of their experience.

Bill’s wife Leslie and their children Tucker, Katherine and Victoria are here tonight as we say “thank you” with this Maroon Citation.

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Linda Feuss ’78

While leading a full life that includes being a mother, a corporate counsel with CH Robinson Woldwide, and a community leader, Linda Feuss always finds time for Colgate.

As a past president, program chair and board member of the Colgate Alumni Club of Atlanta, Linda was instrumental in organizing the club’s scholarship fund for undergraduates. When her career took her to Minneapolis she continued to be a leader among alumni, most recently hosting a send-off party for area students headed to campus as members of the Class of 2010.

Linda is one of 33 charter members of the Alumnae Leadership Council, a group that draws on the diverse expertise, energy, knowledge, and wisdom of Colgate women to strengthen the university. With their focus on creating opportunities for students, members of the council in their first two years committed more than $3 million to support student aid and the university’s vision for residential education. Linda was also a member of the 2005 Women’s Summit, offering valuable perspective to university students.

Newly elected to the Alumni Corporation Council, Linda was on campus in January to advise seniors attending Real World. She has been a member of gift committees for her 25th and 30th Reunions.

For her enthusiasm, sense of purpose, and commitment to Colgate, we are proud to present Linda Feuss with the Maroon Citation.

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R. Mark Hamlin Jr. ’78

People on campus will tell you that Mark Hamlin is “the man behind the curtain,” quietly working behind the scenes to make good things happen for the university. And Mark will tell you that his wife Elizabeth – a Vanderbilt alum – is “the woman behind the man behind the curtain,” a full partner and more in all that the Hamlins do for Colgate.

Mark and Elizabeth were hosts to a campaign dinner at the Union Club in Cleveland, helping to launch Passion for the Climb in that city. Using their combined energies to help extend Colgate’s reach beyond the Midwest, the Hamlins were also a major force in founding the Colgate Alumni Club in Jackson, Wyoming, with Elizabeth organizing the first club outing and daughter Faith elected president.

As parents of Richard M. III, Class of ’07, and Faith, who anticipates joining the Class of 2020, Mark and Elizabeth are also doing their best to keep up the university’s enrollments.

Mark has endowed a scholarship fund in honor of his father, Richard M. Hamlin Sr., and is a major contributor to a scholarship fund that honors his close friend and Dean of Admission Gary Ross ’77.

As members of the Society of Families Steering Committee and members of the Presidents’ Club in Perpetuity, the Hamlins have worked as parent callers and hosted Presidents’ Club parent events. Mark has served as a class agent, an admissions field representative, and a career adviser to Colgate students.

On the occasion of his 30th Colgate Reunion – and with all due credit to the woman behind the man – we are pleased to award this Maroon Citation to R. Mark Hamlin Jr.

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Christine Cronin Gallagher ’83

Christine Cronin Gallagher’s work in Colgate’s behalf is the model of a thoughtful, consistent, gracious volunteer. She is, at once, an alumni leader, a mentor and recruiter of students, and a philanthropist. And in each of those roles she chooses to focus her passion for Colgate on what she values the most, explaining that her involvement is motivated by what the university did to help her in her own life.

Christine is a member of the Alumni Council and willingly accepted the challenging responsibility of chairing the Council’s Nominating Committee. She was a panelist at the university’s biotechnology symposium in Boston.

For two decades – throughout her career in the financial sector and currently as managing director of BMO Capital Markets – she has recruited Colgate students on campus. But her approach goes beyond that of many recruiters. Christine strives to make the process a positive learning experience, even for students who may not be offered a position. She is a frequent career adviser to students, participating in panels and seminars and serving as a moderator and presenter at Real World.

She is also a regular Presidents’ Club donor and volunteer, most recently directing her gifts to the Alumnae Leadership Scholarship Fund, a new initiative to rally women donors behind Passion for the Climb: The Campaign for Colgate.

Christine balances her professional and volunteer responsibilities with the priority of being a caring mother of two young children.

On the 25th anniversary of he graduation from Colgate, we are pleased to honor Christine’s commitment to the university with this Maroon Citation.

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Tighe P. Sullivan ’83

Some of Colgate’s most engaged volunteers have been alumni who joined their class mid-stream, as transfers. We like to think they sampled the rest but would only settle for the best.

Tighe Sullivan is a case in point. Transferring in as an economics and international relations major at the beginning of his junior year, he quickly immersed himself in the academic and extracurricular life of the campus, joining the economics and politics clubs, participating in the international relations forum, and taking a turn on WRCU. Along the way he found kindred spirits in the Beta house, and his strong connection to the house continues to this day.

Tighe was the initial donor to endow the Beta Scholarship. He also serves as Beta’s representative to the Fraternity Sorority Alumni Initiative, an important and candid conduit between the university and the alumni leadership of the houses. Interviewed by the Maroon, Tighe emphasized the importance of alumni involvement and the resurrection of traditions and ideals as a way to ensure the future strengths and success of the fraternity system. True to his word, he organized events to bring together Beta alumni and undergraduates.

Tighe recruits members to the Presidents’ Club, and served on the class gift committees for his 15th, 20th and 25th Reunions. He was an active member of the Alumni Council, a conscientious representative of alumni interests and a voice of reason. Former managing director at Deutsche Bank, Tighe is now CEO and managing partner of WCAS Fraser Sullivan Investment Management. He and his wife Callie Lombard-Sullivan are the parents of Jessie, Lila and Tiger.

For his great enthusiasm and commitment to Colgate, we are pleased to award Tighe Sullivan the Maroon Citation.

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Sue Dolly Lathrop ’88

Looking for a way to make connections when she transferred into Colgate, Sherburne native Sue Dolly Lathrop volunteered to be an admission tour guide. She made such an impression that as a student she was asked to run the tour program and stay on to help for the summer. Scheduled to graduate in the Fall of ’87, Sue took a semester’s leave of absence from Colgate to work for Colgate, traveling and recruiting at the request of President Neil Grabois. Save for the year she earned her MPA at the Maxwell School, she’s been in the admission office ever since – today as senior associate dean for operations where one of her responsibilities is overseeing transfer applications.

John LeFevre ’41 was working in admissions in the ’80s and encouraged the new staff member to join the Colgate Club of the Chenango Valley, “as a way of giving back.” Sue did, eventually becoming vice president to President LeFevre for six years before ascending to the club presidency in 2001 – a position she’s held ever since.

With a membership of up to 100, including spouses, friends, retirees and widows as well as alumni, the club is an important connection to Colgate. And the club’s service activities connect the university to the community. Meeting for at least nine monthly events each year, the club earns frequent annual awards for outstanding achievement. Sue’s role in keeping the club active was recognized with the District Clubs Distinguished Individual Award in 2006.

Sue, her husband Rich and daughters Kassandra and Jessica still make their home in Sherburne. For all that she consistently does for Colgate, we’re pleased to award Sue this Maroon Citation.

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Eric Cole ’93

Five years ago Eric Cole stepped forward to honor the tenth Reunion of the Class of 1993 by establishing the Herbert Cole Memorial Endowed Scholarship Fund in memory of his father, aiding needy students from the Bronx and New York’s other boroughs.

The intervening five years have been a time of remarkable dedication to Colgate, especially considering the challenge of balancing his commitment to the university with the demands of his career on Wall Street and his responsibilities as a husband and the father of two young children.

Eric joined the Board of Trustees in 2004 and serves as vice chair of the student affairs committee and as a member of the finance committee – big assignments. He is a career adviser to Colgate students, and was an on-campus presenter in the Alan I. Greene ’51 Certificate program, which introduces undergraduates to the world of investing. Eric served as an alumni liaison at Bear, Stearns, helping to bolster the firm's recruitment of Colgate students and boost alumni engagement.

As a member of the Passion for the Climb campaign executive committee, Eric chairs the campaign’s efforts among recent alumni and leads by example. With regular additions to his scholarship fund and generous support of the Colgate Annual Fund, he became one of the youngest members of the Presidents’ Club in Perpetuity.

Eric lives in Manhattan with his wife Rachel, son Harrison and daughter Dylan. On the 15th anniversary of his graduation from Colgate, cum laude with a degree in economics, we are happy to honor his service with the Maroon Citation.

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Amy Satin Spinelli ’93

The Women’s Advisory Committee – WAC – sponsors programs for our alumnae. Amy Spinelli started and leads the WAC Entrepreneurs Group. She could have started the WAC Multi-Taskers Group.

After graduating summa cum laude with a double major in philosophy and Asian studies – she was Phi Beta Kappa and a member of Konosioni and Kappa Alpha Theta, too – Amy earned her J.D. from Harvard.

She practiced law for two years before joining a digital media company that created customized educational programs. Two years later she became a leader in a small privately held company that used technology to improve education.

Along the way she fell in love with and married Fordham alum Alexander, and when they started having babies, she stayed home to be a full-time mother to Logan, Maddox and Ronan. But when you can multi-task you can be a full-time mother and an entrepreneur, which Amy is, consulting on college admissions. And she helped start a graphic design company whose clients include the New York Yankees.

To that full schedule Amy adds a healthy volunteer commitment to Colgate that has included service as an admissions representative, class agent, coordinator and presenter for Real World, and member of the Alumni Council where she chaired the University Relations Committee.

She’s a member of the class gift committee for this, her 15th-year reunion, and gives at the Presidents’ Club level herself.

We’re happy to honor one of Colgate’s most thoughtful and articulate (and versatile) volunteers with this Maroon Citation.

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Jean Brooks

It’s your first week at Colgate. You’re finding your way in an unfamiliar place, making new friends, facing fresh challenges, and it’s all a little intimidating. Then you show up at Frank Dining Hall for the fifth or sixth time and that pleasant lady with the wonderful smile at the cashier’s table greets you by name and asks you – sincerely – “How are you doing?”

You’ve just received Jean Brooks’ gift, one that she’s now willingly given to 31 generations of students since she arrived on campus in the fall of 1977. Jean connects with students in a way that is personal and genuine and reassuring and disarming, all at once. “She not only knows everyone’s name,” says Sodexho Director George Murray, “she knows their exam schedules, when they’re sick, where they’re going on break.”

And if you’ve been fortunate enough to attend an event where Jean is catering, you know her gift isn’t reserved only for students. That’s right, and it’s not just you: Jean treats everyone in that same, kind, way. This weekend, like every Reunion Weekend, returning alumni will seek her out. And when they reconnect they will be reminded how this gracious person with the big heart helped shape their memory of Colgate.

A life-long resident of the Chenango Valley, Jean, with her husband Ron, raised four kids in their Earlville home. Now their kids have kids. They’re in the Chapel this evening as we thank and honor our friend and their wife and mother and grandmother, Jean Brooks, with this Maroon Citation.

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Humanitarian Award

Alisa Del Tufo ’78

For more than a quarter of a century, Alisa Del Tufo has dedicated her life to understanding and breaking the cycle of domestic violence. Recognizing that an integrated set of causes lie at the base of family violence, she has given her life to raising public consciousness about those issues.

A philosophy and religion major at Colgate, Alisa continued her education at Union Theological Seminary, studying psychology and religion. There she became active in women’s issues and helped found a rape crisis center.

In 1983 Alisa founded Sanctuary for Families, providing battered women and their children in New York City with legal services, long-term housing, and children’s programs. In 1991 she became a fellow at New York City’s Institute for Child, Adolescent and Family Services, starting an oral history project that revealed how children affect a mother’s decision to stay in or leave an abusive relationship. The complexities she discovered in that study encouraged Lisa to develop models for preventing or intervening in cases of maternal and child abuse, providing a blueprint for policy reform.

The Family Violence Project that she founded at the Urban Justice Center in 1993 became CONNECT in 2001, an agency in New York City that uses community involvement and education to transform attitudes, beliefs and behaviors that perpetuate family violence, supporting men and boys as well as women.

Most recently Alisa has founded the Threshold Collaborative to help other communities promote the safety and welfare of families by adopting the comprehensive programs of prevention and community involvement that have been proven in New York City.

Earlier this year Alisa was one of 21 persons from the United States, Canada, Mexico and Central America recognized as lifetime Ashoka Fellows – entrepreneurs who deliver innovative solutions to social problems.

For her unwavering commitment to bring community resources and education to bear on the issues at the root of family violence, we are proud to honor Alisa Del Tufo, Class of 1978, with the Colgate Alumni Council’s 2008 Humanitarian Award.

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Wm. Brian Little '64 Alumni Award for Distinguished Service

George A. Haggarty ’63

Summarizing George Haggarty’s commitments to his family, his community, Colgate and society, a longtime friend describes George as: “A major force for good.”

If there’s a ring of the super heroic in that description, consider that among the other qualities for which George is well known are his decency, integrity, trustworthiness, generosity, authenticity, and candor. And he’s got a pretty good singing voice, too.

An economics major as an undergraduate, George was treasurer of Sigma Nu, a member of Maroon Key and Konosioni, and worked on the Salmagundi. His racquet skills as a member of the tennis team and intramural champ foretold his long history of involvement with the United States Squash Association, both as president and as a ranked competitor. His work as an undergraduate on the Campus Fund Drive was preparation for his alumni service as an ERA campaign volunteer, class agent, and recruiter for the Presidents’ Club. His undergraduate leadership of the Colgate 13 has carried over to the “Vintage” Thirteen, who gather annually to sing and perform. In addition to being a regular at reunions of the Class of 1963, George also recruits for and attends the Thirteen’s on-campus reunions.

George served two terms on the Alumni Corporation Board and was an Alumni Trustee of Colgate from 1993 to 1999. For his distinguished board service, he was voted trustee emeritus in 1999.

He is “Mister Colgate” in his native Detroit, a leader and former officer of the Colgate Club of Detroit, and an active recruiter who interviews selected candidates for the admission office. George is a Member in Perpetuity of the Presidents Club, and has established the George A. Haggarty Scholarship Fund. He and his wife Thumper are the parents of four children, including George Jr., Colgate Class of ’88.

As an undergraduate, George was a fraternity brother of Brian Little, and he has described working on the board with Brian as “a great privilege.” We consider it a great privilege to honor George Haggarty’s years of service to his alma mater with this William Brian Little Alumni Award for Distinguished Service.

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Richard S. Van Cleave III ’58

Currently chair of Braunsdorf Insurance Group, Incorporated, Dick Van Cleave is well known in the insurance industry as an astute entrepreneur and executive, having co-founded four major business organizations over the course of his distinguished career. He is a frequent guest lecturer and publishes on insurance-related topics, and has won numerous insurance industry awards.

Dick is also well known at Colgate for his support of the university and its students. A past member of the Alumni Corporation Board of Directors, he chaired the board’s athletics committee – a fitting leadership position for a man with his skills who was also an outstanding athlete playing baseball and football during his four undergraduate years. Dick has been a career adviser to Colgate students, participating in the career seminar and taking part in the January Real World program.

Dick has been an extremely effective fundraiser in support of the university, serving on the Presidents’ Club Membership Committee, the Planned Giving Committee, the Major Gifts Committee, and frequently serving on his class gift committee as a class agent or chair. He has served as co-chair of the Class of ’58’s Reunion Gift Committee for his 35th, 40th, 45th and 50th reunions, and for this reunion offered to match the outright and planned gifts of his classmates up to a total of $3 million.

An accomplished squash racquets player, Dick helped fund Colgate’s new squash courts, and then defeated planned giving director Don Martin in the first game played on the Van Cleave Court. Dick has also endowed a scholarship fund and participated in special projects such as the Dunlap Stands and the artificial playing surface at Kerr Stadium.

Dick’s interest in higher education extends also to his neighboring Drew University, where he served eight years as chairman of the board of visitors. And we should note that while Dick was serving on the Colgate alumni board, his wife Sylvia was serving on the corresponding board at her alma mater, Bucknell.

We are pleased to honor Dick Van Cleave with the Alumni Award for Distinguished Service, named in memory of his fellow Sigma Nu, Brian Little.

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